Sisterhood .

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Listen up and listen up good. It is about to be 2018 and we are still showing hatred to our fellow women, when will enough be enough?

Every day, every hour, every minute there is another woman in the world who is trying deliberately to dim her own sister’s light. I witness this chaos every day, in the work place, on social media, friends and family members. It’s amazing how hard we as women already have to fight in society to be socially accepted, in all aspects, but then also have to be accepted by our fellow women. Let your sister pick the battle in which you can help her fight, don’t battle your own sister.

Ladies, we have faced a variety of issues each day which make it extremely difficult to live in today’s society such as being an African American and being a woman. We should as a sisterhood, build each other up in more ways than one. Compliment your sister daily “I see you Queen shining despite the endless battles you face but you do it well sister”. Ask your fellow sister is there anything that you can do to help her, it’s all about serving mankind at the end of the day. Uplift your sister, you never know what battles she might face and what she’s going through, it’s very difficult to keep a smile on your face when you struggle constantly. Lastly, if you see your sister getting out of character, pull her to the side and check her respectfully. Yes, I said it, check your sister respectfully. Now some of you take overboard, broadcast her business all over social media and talk behind her back to other friends. Now that’s not what I’m saying to do. Let her know that you recognize the difference in her behavior, her appearance, the men she chooses or her social activities. Reality checks are important and we all need them every now and then.

At the end of the day, I am saying we need to reunite as a sisterhood, embrace our differences and spread love!

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