A mother’s love



Jacob Copeland’s tweet 

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing in this world!


I strongly believe that many of you who have social media have either seen or heard of the viral video of wide receiver, Jacob Copeland’s mother leaving as Copeland announced his decision of where he would be playing college football. It was pretty obvious that Copeland’s mother desired for her son to attend either Alabama or Tennessee. After his mother’s dramatic exit, the reporter, Dari Nowkah, continued to question Copeland in reference to his mother exiting and his college choice.

First and foremost, I will not use this platform to bash the mother of Jacob Copeland or question her lack of support from her child. However, what I will do is give my perspective on the circumstances and provide encouragement and strength to not only to her and her son but other parents and children who have experienced the same as Copeland.

As parents, you may or may not agree with the choices/decisions your child makes, which is fine. However, as a parent your duty  is to protect your child from harms way, prepare them on how to establish a solid foundation in which they are able to formulate opinions, decisions, and ideas that will benefit them in the best way possible; lastly, have the confidence that you have instilled the best morals and values into your child. Your child has one or two options, the right path or the wrong path.

In Copeland’s case, his mother raised a young man who continued to stay on the right path–currently in high school, fulfilling his dream by playing football, going to college and signed with HIS CHOICE because of God and his gut feeling! His mother, on another hand, made up her mind where she wanted her son to attend school and was very unsupported when Jacob reported to everyone his decision on a college to call home for the next four years. As she left this young man, humiliated on national tv and in front of his peers, he was left vulnerable to a reporter who did not care about the emotions he was experiencing, at that moment. I am not sure as to what led his mother to return back to his side but I am glad that she decided to come back

Let this be a lesson to all parents. No matter what, you have got to support your child. Have faith that you have raised your child or children to your best ability and that they will make the best choices for THEIR LIFE. This life is not yours…it is your child’s life. Respect that fact. I am pretty positive that you have made decisions that your parents were not supportive of but because they loved you, they continued to be right by your side. The greatest love of all comes from your parents. Parents, your child needs that to survive in this world, they need your love to know how to love one another, most importantly, they need your love to know how to love their own children. Let’s learn how to love and support our children 💛

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