Wake up Mr. West!

Please note, that everything that I will post about the artist Kayne West is not to paint an unfair picture of him as a human being but to simply paint with the supplies I have been given. I truly understand, the importance of providing an example for the world that is influential and unbiased, however, I can only influence the world with what I have experienced or witnessed myself. With that being said—By now, I am almost certain that the whole world has read the blogs, watched every news outlet and scrolled through their timelines on any social media outlet to be sadly disappointed in yet another Kanye West ‘free-thinking rant’. And yes, I use that term ‘free-thinking’ very loosely when referring to Kanye.Kanye West
Over the last week, Kanye West has proven to be the second biggest ignorant human being in the world. With the outrageous and insulting stunts he has pulled over the last few years, I think his ‘free-thinking’ twitter rant, TMZ interview and infamous Donald Trump support have been straws that have broken the camel’s back. Now, please do not misconstrue my ideas against Kanye’s opinions and/or ideas, however, please consider the context in which Kanye has expressed his thoughts and ideas. It wasn’t until recently, Kanye crossed the line by openly supporting Donald Trump and referring to slavery as a choice. To be fair, I’ll quote Kanye properly:

When you hear about slavery for 400 years, for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. You was there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word prison because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. Slavery is to blacks as the Holocaust is to Jews. Prison is something that unites as one race, blacks and whites, that we’re the human race.”

As individuals in the United States of America, we are inclined to our own opinions, ideas, thoughts and so forth. However, when you openly support a superficial president, who has continuously degraded everyone who has crossed his path and has done nothing productive in office, you too, will be criticized!

Donald Trump transition meetings, New York, USA - 13 Dec 2016

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (7555799z) United States President-elect Donald J. Trump and Musician Kanye West pose for photographers in the lobby of Trump Tower Donald Trump transition meetings, New York, USA – 13 Dec 2016[/caption
Anyone can provide numerous examples as to why Donald Trump should not be president, the disagreements with laws, policies or other nonsense in which he wants to implement, yet, you choose to proudly support his agenda. Not a good representation of ‘free-thinking’! Again, when you are given a platform such as an American musical artist, who can influence the masses, your thought process, your words, agenda and individuals whom you associate yourself with, will be held to the magnifying glass. You will be constantly criticized because you have a huge platform!
For any African American to utter those specific words of “slavery sounded like a choice”, has sadden those African American leaders who fought tirelessly and gave their life, to ensure that one day they would be free, sounds like an individual whom is deeply lost and disconnected from the reality of history. DbpshRZUQAA5cXeTo embarrass your entire race with your ignorant thoughts and to satisfy your oppressor with your negligent comments is disgraceful.
I understand that his comments are a sincere reflection of his thoughts and personal opinions BUT when we as a people have continuously been told by OUR OPPRESSORS that “slavery happened so many years ago, just get over it”, “you were given a month to celebrate your history, we don’t get a month”, or “just get over it”, shouldn’t that ignite a certain feeling towards your opinions or thoughts on slavery? The idea of Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Sojourner Truth and countless other activities who fought so hard to ensure that slavery ended and that African Americans received equality and justice, shouldn’t that be enough Ye?
Kanye Omari West you were privileged by God to have such an incredible gift and talent to serve his people through your music to provide hope and awaken a certain flair to ignite dreams in individuals who listen to your music. Yet, you choose to utilize your platform to belittle your large African American fan-base to only gain your oppressors as supporters, you have transitioned to an image which is unlike anything you represent and you have disappointed your ancestors greatly.

[caption id="attachment_240" align="alignleft" width="354"]DbuXkxDUwAAKlEn Conversation between John Legend and Kanye West that West twitted during his twitter rant.

For Kanye’s peers who have bravely reached out to confront him on his ideas and thoughts, we as use-to-be Kanye fans applaud you for your honesty, courage and your sane thought process. It seems as if Kanye is on the road to self-destruction closer than we all thought. We will continue to solicit prayers for Kanye, seek mental health counseling for him and ensure that his free-thinking is not a reflection of us as a culture.


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