Sistas & Sunshine

img_3107As people in this world, there is nothing better than we enjoy than to be around those individuals who make us feel good while participating in activities we enjoy in life. Rather if it is just brunch, dinner, day trip or even an entire weekend, we all crave for the time in which we can cater to our personal lives especially our mental health. It is a necessity to take time off from your busy life to refocus on important relationships and to remember the importance of life. Although I am very aware of who I am as a person and privy to my purpose, it is still essential that I focus on myself!
This weekend has definitely been one for the books! What more can a woman ask for? Being surrounded by her two best friends, the beach, the sunshine and good vibes! img_3023
Summer 2018 has already kicked off to the perfect start by traveling to St. Augustine, FL for a girl’s beach trip. For those who know me, are aware of my valued childhood friends that I will forever hold close to my heart. These two pure souls have been a part of my life since my sixth and seventh-grade year of middle school. We have grown into beautiful women who have incredible stories to tell. I am so proud of us! Well, these women and I all decided that we wanted to experience some warm weather with no particular itinerary, just to enjoy each other’s company. If you know me, you know I set very high expectations for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life BUT this time was much different!
June 1, 2018, we set out to St. Augustine, FL with good tunes blasting through the car speakers as well as catching up with each other’s personal lives. Once we got to St. Augustine, we took to the beach with just a few hours to spare before the thunderstorm made its appearance. Once checking into the hotel, we got dressed and headed out for a night of dinner and drinks. The following day entailed a light brunch, car tunes while traveling to Daytona, FL for yet another beach trip. After the beach, we headed back to the hotel to change for another evening of good fun and the best drinks. This night took place in Jacksonville! On the very last day of the trip, I was unable to manage to get up that early for the Stand Up Paddle-boarding yoga class, however, I heard it was a great experience. Right before getting on the road back to Columbus, GA we went to Metro Dinner for a great brunch! The next five hours of the trip entailed singing our lungs out to 90s R&B, stopping at the nearest gas stations for snacks and visiting sunflower fields. The best adventures come from the unexpected places!
img_3502Like any other experience, I was able to receive God’s message loud and clear. During this weekend, God’s message emphasized the importance of living in the moment. Recently, this is one lesson that I have slowly learned to do especially at my young age. Live your life to the fullest, live in the moment and not set expectations! Being with my best friends, in an unfamiliar place and not being confined to a particular agenda was what it was truly all about. The three of us are all in different stages in life, we have so much going on but to know that we can dedicate a particular amount of time for each other is amazing. To listen to my friend’s tell me about their careers, their families, their love lives, their experiences, trials, and tribulations always leave me in astonishment. Nevertheless, to have not one but two individuals listen to me vent about life and what all I endure is the best ever. All about genuine support and love from other women is detrimental to the lively hoods of womanhood. It helps to keep me humble, perceive my life from a totally different perspective and allow me to refocus on what is truly important in life.
Secondly, God provided another much-needed lesson which was “confidence”! In order to prevail in life, you must have confidence. Allow me to say it one more time for the people in the back, c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e. I have been in the gym, not consistently, but I have been in the gym. I don’t have the best body, however, at this point, I am ‘comfortable’. Being on the beach in my swimsuit was very liberating I must say. Social media has certainly tainted everyone’s mind about how you should look. I have fully come to terms that, this is my body, this is my life and I love myself! There I was standing proudly on the beach in my swimsuit taking pictures of God’s most precious work. I am not just talking about in the context in of body image but also in the realm of life, you must have confidence. Whether if it is advancing in your career, love life, becoming more vocal about what you want in relationships or just becoming fearless. Confidence is key!
Continuously I thank God for my tribe—family, and friends, who have molded me to be the young woman I am. Truly, their love for me and their continuous support has only aided in the strength, passion, and purpose I have for life. However, it is very essential that I learn to take a break from real life to unplug and focus on just that, myself and my tribe. In order to be a blessing in life, I must first take care of myself. So thankful for my sistas and sunshine.

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