What does consistency mean to you? To many of us, we define our own definitions of what certain phrases or words mean by simply what we see or have viewed by either ourselves or others. While having conversations with other like-minded individuals, I was able to gather a variety of definitions for the term consistency: “Doing what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it”; “Reliability and/or repeatedly doing it”; “Displaying reliability on a continuous basis”; and lastly, “Continuous”. Each definition provided the term reliability and/or regularly in it. Being consistent is stability, reliability, dependability, orderliness, evenness, steadiness or regularity. Are you consistent with circumstances in your life?
As any human, we all have some point articulated goals, whether long term or short term goals, in our work life in order to ultimately achieve oimg_3705ur dream career. In high school, we were taught to further our education so we would be able to achieve the career of our jobs. For most of us, we were fully unaware of what that career would entail, let alone, we had no idea of which college we would go to. However, along the way, we were afforded examples of careers by mentors, family members, friends or significant individuals in our lives. Along with our journey, we remained in a constant state of learning and hungry to see what the next step in life would look like. By networking, volunteering, and high school/college jobs we were able to hone in on what we would see ourselves doing in our adult life. Being constant in our endeavors on bettering our lives for personal gain, financial gain and/or life’s desire is the overall goal of being consistent in our work lives.
Having the opportunity to obtain a career in the field that you strongly enjoy and brings fulfillment to your heart, is something that not everyone can say. However, for those who can closely relate, how do you maintain your happiness while having constant disputes with other avenues in life? By maintaining a healthy mental state, focusing primarily on your job duties, having a positive attitude and emphasizing the importance of what you as a person can provide to the company, as an asset and not a liability. Always provide positive features to group settings and companies in which they are unable to find anywhere else. The positivity that you exude cannot be located in anyone else, the work ethic, the energy, and the dedication cannot be duplicated. Apply what you know, seek ways to come bigger and better than your current position to amplify you to the next level. Consistency is key!
We are all well aware that it is very important to keep work life and personal life separate. While in college, I was told by various individuals, who knew me so well, ‘Never be so busy work your work life that you forget to have a personal life.’ To this day, I have to remember just that. In order to remain important relationship in life, I must dedicate time and energy to them. In order to stay fit, I must be steady in the gym, in order to see the world, I must take time off and travel and lastly, in order to have a peace of mind, I must disconnect from the world and focus on my mental health. Your personal life should be just that, yours! Live the way that YOU want to live, never seek out validation from anyone on how your life should be. We all have an ideal and/or goal of how we ultimately want our lives to be. Be consistent in ways that will catapult you to that next level in life. Inspiration comes from various shapes and forms in life. However, we must forth put in the time, dedication but most importantly hard work to see our goals and/dreams come to past. Nothing in life just comes to you without consistency and persistence. If you want to want to see a change in anything that you do in life, consistency must be in the equation!

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