The Lessons and Blessings of 2018

Truly, what a year 2018 has been! Personally speaking, I have lived my best life due to allowing myself to live outside of my comfort zone. At the end of each year, I allow myself time to sit down to do some self-reflecting on my life. When re-evaluating my life I was able to highlight the areas in which I saw tremendous growth for me as a person, such as my ability to evaluate people in my life–either you’re uplifting, supporting and motivating me; Seeking new hobbies–stimulating my mind and locating new/hidden talents; Spending money on experiences and not things; lastly, Having the ability to forgive and love freely. For those who know me, can attest to the fact that I am a true ‘stick to the plans type of gal’ and if things go array then, to me, things are wrong! To some degree, this can be a good and a bad thing but when you apply that stick to the book type of mentality to all aspects of life, you become stagnant in your growth.
First and foremost, I truly love my family and friends with every ounce in me, however, I have reached a place in life where I will not allow anyone to bring negative energy, discouragement or finding every reason to speak negativity into those around, near me. When you truly love people, you will speak words of encouragement, uplift, support but also provide ‘tough love’ and constructive criticism, when it is needed! I am a firm believer that your circle shouldn’t be filled with ‘yes men’ but those who are going to aid in your growth. When I am out-of-pocket, I need for someone to hold me accountable for my actions, words, and thoughts, in addition being honest with me. Truly I am making sure that my circle of friends and loved ones align with my goals and vision for my life. Not everyone can come with you on your journey in life and I understand that, however, the timeframe in which you’re in my life, will be a pleasant experience!
Secondly, seeking new hobbies that stimulate my mind and identifying new or hidden talents. This was my top priority of 2018! I began taking some courses at my alma mater that will really propel my career. Let me just reinstate that I took the courses and completed them within six months. In addition, I also took myself seriously as a blogger! Blogging about serious issues—African Americans and the broken justice system. I also began dabbling in podcasting, photography and bike riding. Currently, I am still perfecting my craft as far as the whole blogging and podcasting thing goes but I am loving every minute of this new found craft. I am also in the process of beginning a book club for those who love to read literature created by black authors. I am so excited to share this with the world!! PLUG *If you are in the Columbus, GA/ tri-city area please contact for further information regarding the book club called Black Reads*. Although my hobbies and talents may seem like something anyone could have started, it was definitely a stepping stone for me.
If you’re an avid TV watcher then you will know exactly what I mean when I say I use to be like Julius from Everybody Hates Chris or Mr. Krabs from Spongebob SquarePants when it came to my money. However, things have changed drastically, and I must admit I really like it. I have fallen in love with the idea of taking spontaneous trips, attending my favorite artist’s concert or buying whatever I want to buy at even given moment. This past year alone, I’ve attended a concert or some type of event, at least one weekend out of the month. During the summer alone, I’ve taken trips to St. Augustine, FL, Dallas, TX and Las Vegas, NV. Each trip, I’ve learned so much about myself and grew more, in terms, of being the person who God has designed me to be. One of the most important lessons that my father has taught me, is that you only live once if you live it right, you leave no room for regrets. My mentor taught me that you should always spend money on experiences because you’re learning lessons and making memories, rather than spending money on clothes and other silly items because they don’t last long! The year 2018 does not owe me anything, especially summer 2018!
Lastly, this past year has taught me to forgive and give love freely! No matter how anyone has treated me or what life has thrown my way, I should never allow any of that to taint my being or my heart. Despite the countless attempts of failed relationships either romantically or friendship wise, it has almost always led to disappointments. Well, not disappointments but a lesson and that’s okay because I’ve gained great things out of it all. It is hard when someone who you thought would be in your life forever or someone who you’ve done a great deal for leaves your life abruptly BUT in the end, God no longer has a need for them along with your journey. Just know their absence in your life has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. I am so grateful that certain situations or relationships with certain people did not turn out to be what I desired for them to be, if it did, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. No resentment, no hatred, no bad blood but a lot of well wishes and prayers! Never allow a situation or a bad relationship to change your heart, continue to love, live and forgive freely.
Although 2018 was a year of me living my best life, in addition, it humbled me and allowed me to grow in the same breath. I would never want to trade any of my experiences and lessons for anything else in this world. I would not be the person I am today if it never happened to me this year.

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