To the girl I use to be

It is truly amazing how much things can change over a year’s time. Closely paying attention to not only my circumstances, but I have also had the opportunity to catch of glimpse of those close to me alter their lifestyles due to personal growth, relationships and/or careers. All I can say is that because I know these women personally, I know they are all beautiful and strong, it is not easy for me to watch the environment in which they’ve known for so long become obsolete. It’s truly heart-breaking but a catapult for growth. And only highlighting traumatic events with my friends, I recognize my circumstances and acknowledge that it, too, will only be used for personal growth. Although, I would love to share each of our personal situations for the sake of helping other women but I will just simply write a letter to the girls whom we all use to be.

To the girl I use to be,

I know right now you are currently struggling, crying and confused about the current events going on in your life from finances, family, friends, romantic relationships, and career and just wanting to be a better you. However, realize that this too shall pass and you will be a whole different mindset shortly. As a woman, you struggle with life every day and because of that you are a true warrior. You fight with yourself to make sure you are the best version for yourself and those around you all while trying to figure out how to remain strong. You don’t want to be a burden to your close friends, so you conceal your hurt, pain, frustrations, insecurities and mental issues to remain as a strong woman whom they know. You deal with not being the best woman for a boy/man who isn’t equipped to love you in the way in which you need to be and desire to be loved. You sacrifice your time, your mental and emotional space, your energy and love to be only treated second or as if your emotions are irrational. Be strong young girl! Please know that strong women don’t have attitudes, we have standards and boundaries. You are more than just a pretty face, you are more than someone’s second option, you are more than you know and think. Continue to keep the desires of your heart close. Don’t allow others to dim your light, set personal and professional boundaries and live your truth. You only have one life to live and if you live it just right then once is enough. Don’t give up on your dreams or goals because it doesn’t fit in vision of anyone else’s idea for your future. Continue to motive your sisters and continue to seek peace within yourself. Life is hard as it is but once you find a network of individuals who genuinely love you and have pure intentions, you will be thankful as well as full. Cheers to you and other girls who will remain dedicated to their personal growth and strong enough to not allow their current circumstances change their hearts. Good things can take time, so much time. So let life unfold. Don’t force it. And find beauty in the bliss of waiting!

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