On the fence

Whew! Yes, the first exclusive blog post and yes it’s about none other than relationships. I love to read articles from different writers about their perspectives of relationships, gender-specific relationships amongst other things. There are two things that I always find when reading these articles and it’s the fact that, there are still others who have a traditional perspective of how relationships should work and that in a relationship it is always someone who is providing their best self only to be given not even half of what they deserve. Not saying that this is always the case BUT in the articles that I have read, that is what I always come across. No, it is not by one particular writer but a plethora of writers.

Which leads me to my next verse, this one article in particular ‘If she treats you like a king without the ring, don’t take her for granted’ by Words Spoken, I am confident that at this point you may have either seen people share this article on Facebook or you may have seen an excerpt either on Instagram or Facebook. First and foremost, I want to say this was an interesting read in the sense that it did not bash men but it highlighted women who provide their best selves to boys who aren’t ready for them in the most humble way possible. Some excerpts resonated with me and made me ponder on my views of relationships on such a level. Now I am all for two people who are committed, dedicated, and willing to do the work first on themselves but also sticking with their partner through the ups, downs, career changes, life changes, changes as a being to make the relationship work only if they are BOTH fighting for it. Women are more inclined to stick by their partners when they see potential in their partner and see that their partner is at least trying. In most cases this is true, women grow tired when progress isn’t being made because of a lack of ambition from their partner. Women will only strengthen you, motivate and love you until she has been provided with numerous reasons not to anymore. Men oftentimes take for granted that these type of women will always be around! Sad to say, that’s not the case, bruh!

She loves you enough to push you to become a better version of yourself. She tries to guide you, motivates you, or points out what you could be doing to fully realize your potential. Why? She is selfless, she genuinely wants you to do well in life. Women are planners with a vision and men hate to be smothered. If you have a woman like that ask yourself “Does she better me, does she challenge me” if your answer is yes then don’t sabotage your relationship with her just to find a basic woman who will only enable your weak areas. She will change you, but change is good. She will hold you accountable, but accountability is mandatory. She will expect the most from you to the point where it annoys you, but isn’t that what you need?

I could not have said that any better! A woman such as this is already aware of your shortcomings, however, she is still very committed to the potential of what the relationship could be because of what you have displayed to her in the beginning until the point that you became comfortable. Be aware of her silence or changes in how she deals with certain situations when it pertains to your relationship. Accept the fact that you have a great woman who is willing to get in the trenches with you and love her according to what she is a queen. Either love her or leave her alone, especially when you know you are not ready!

Again, the article is a must-read and provides a true account of how some relationships end quickly because of a lack of ambition, a lack of self-awareness, and a lack of worth. Lets be equally yoked in 2020 and beyond.

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