img_0655As Told By A Melanin Girl‘s author is a blogger from Georgia. You can call me Jasmine Xavier. With many failed attempts to exclusively share with the world my perspective on assorted topics, I have finally obtained the confidence and strength to have my thoughts be displayed before the world.

Again, this is a personal blog from a young melanin girl’s perspective with an authentic flare. I openly parade women empowerment, especially melanin women empowerment because we need more of it, and social consciousness, be it melanin issues and issues that we are not so prone to discuss in a conventional conversation.

As a blogger, my goal is to initiate a conversation, provide you with a perspective and encourage other melanin beings to think, not just of yourself, but melanin culture as a whole and what you can do to be your best self. Always create art that inspires💫

As Told By A Melanin Girl is a blog whose purpose is to celebrate women empowerment and social consciousness. Although As told by a Melanin Girl is a personal blog with an authentic flare, it is a blog that any melanin being can relate to, in any shape, form or fashion. Created to inspire your best self-💫