On the fence

Whew! Yes, the first exclusive blog post and yes it’s about none other than relationships. I love to read articles from different writers about their perspectives of relationships, gender-specific relationships amongst other things. There are two things that I always find when reading these articles and it’s the fact that, there are still others who have a traditional perspective of how relationships should work and … Continue reading On the fence

Greatness is just that, greatness!

For every season, there is a fundamental lesson or blessing behind it. Whether it be a lesson that we haven’t quite gain the concept of or whether it be the work that we have diligently conducted within ourselves in order to receive blessings. The fact of the matter is that we are all ‘a work in progress’ and we continuously are striving to be the … Continue reading Greatness is just that, greatness!

Rebirthing Myself

For the last couple of blog posts, I feel as if my core context specifically emphasized the importance of strength amid trials and tribulations, growth within and overall life as a twenty-something-year-old. However, it is also important for me to realize that 2019 has been a learning chapter for me. How I decide to work on myself, process the lessons or self-reflections, blogging for me … Continue reading Rebirthing Myself

Re-evaluating non-negotiables

Heyyyyy ya’ll! Finally, I am getting back to my first love, which is writing. Writing allows me to verbalize my feelings and is very therapeutic. Allowing me to creatively express my ideas about various topics and opinions about things that are going on in society today. With that being said, over the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to experience some creative blocks … Continue reading Re-evaluating non-negotiables

28 Lessons I learned within 28 years

Happy to birthday to me! Thank goodness for God reigning down his Grace and Mercy on my life for me to live to see my 28th birthday! Every birthday always has me emotional for the simple fact there are a lot of experiences, trials, and tribulations that I’ve endured from one year to the next. However, the majority of that year wasn’t full of storms, … Continue reading 28 Lessons I learned within 28 years