Being genuinely happy is the goal of 2018

The year of 2018 ✨ is amongst us and I could not be more thrilled to see what all God has in store for each and every one of his people. I am a firm believer that what you speak into the universe, is what you will receive. To guarantee that I receive all that I have spoken life into, let’s first revisit previous years to understand the potential that 2018 has for me!

2016: The Caterpillar

In relation to the butterfly, the larva (caterpillar) stage is known as the time of growth. During this critical time, the caterpillar spends much of its time eating and growing. While the caterpillar grows, it sheds its exoskeleton, which is the support and protective structure outside of the body. Much like the caterpillar, 2016 was my caterpillar stage in my life. 2016 I was finishing up my graduate studies, searching for a career in my field, becoming comfortable in my own skin and becoming mentally as well as physically stronger. By the end of 2016, I was able to say that I received the following: ended a job that I was very unhappy with and began a position in my career field; received my graduate degree; learned to love myself; re-evaluate meaningful relationships and continued to deepen my relationship with my Lord and Savior. What a very uncomfortable and awkward time of transition for me, BUT yet I am so grateful for the experiences but most importantly the strength that God provided. My final thoughts of 2016, God will place you in uncomfortable circumstances to mold you for blessings that he has uniquely designed for you!

2017: The Cocoon

We are all familiar with the cocoon stage, in terms of the butterfly, the time for complete change. The cocoon is immobile so it extremely important that it is able to camouflage into the environment. In 2017, my focus was solely on my career! Yes, I was able to do things here and there but mainly work was where my time, energy and mindset was on. I allowed various circumstances, decisions, and relationships to either be a distant memory or flourish. But most important, while going through those experiences, I learned so much about myself. My final thoughts of 2017, God knows all of your needs and wants, stay patient, and know that none of your hard work is in vain. Although I am still very much struggling with the “none of your hard work is in vain” part, I know that He has the last say so!

2018: The ButterflyAhh, finally! The beautiful part of the stage for this creature…they are ready to fly! With all that I’ve been through in the last couple of years, I know there is nothing but beautiful experiences, people and places that await along my journey. I am able, ready and willing to receive my vibrant 2018✨

Just like butterflies, we, as humans, have been around for millions of years. We all have evolved to withstand various differences! The dramatic differences in the life stages have given us the benefit to complete each stage without having to compete with one another for resources. Enjoy each life stage and know that the next stage in life awaits more blessings and lessons.

Thank God for His grace and mercy! I am patiently waiting for all of my blessings.


H&M: Culturally sensitive much?


Controversial H&M advertisement ad


With everything in this world to have a great debate about, why should racial slurs be one of them? H&M recently, without clearly thinking, marketed a green hoody with the words “The coolest monkey in the jungle”. No big deal right? Well get this, a young African American boy was sporting the H&M hoody. I know plenty of individuals are probably wondering why this should be the topic of concern. I’ll let you know why…

First and foremost, for years WE have been called any and all degrading name under the sun including a monkey and/or ape. Those types of derogatory names derive from the time of slavery. I greatly applaud that someone would have the audacity to print and publish those degrading words on a hoody and have none other than an African American young boy wear it for their business. Our young African American kids  already have enough within their own community to worry about but to be ostracized still by the world is a totally different conversation.

I have always been the one to understand all perspectives when a “misunderstanding” arises but with this particular case, I truly believe I’ve exhausted all avenues. With African Americans being the target of society, this incident would just be one more dart to add to the collection.

Businesses, in general, hire individuals who specialize in marketing to various people but in a way that is culturally sensitive and appropriate, H&M were you advertising to the countless African Americans who buy from your stores? Trust me this was not the brightest idea! You mean to tell me with you being in business for so long, advertising in such a way that all ethnicities purchased your items, that this mistake accidentally happened?

Truly, we’ve got to re-evaluate who we support, in terms of businesses. In no way, my personal opinion, would our fellow melanin brothers and sisters have us out here looking crazy. Let’s educate our people, but first and foremost, let’s educate our children to know that just because you are offered it’s not always a good idea and it isn’t always good money.

#supportblackbusiness #buyblack

Black Girl Magic.

img_1305Happy New Year to each and every one of you! 2018 is a year for everyone to experience prosperity, growth, great health, new endeavors and your best life. I know each year we all set aside some elaborate “new year, new me” hype that seemingly fades away after the first week of January BUT this time, let’s stick to some more concrete plans.
What is it that YOU want to change in YOUR life? Go after that! Want to finally achieve that ideal body? Go for it sis. Want to travel the world on a McDonald’s budget? You can still see the Seven Wonders of the World even on a budget. Let’s not allow our current circumstances or our old way of thinking to deter our vision. We have another 365 days to create the life in which we have always dreamed.
Somebody needs to know that they did not read this post by accident! Whatever you set your mind to, DO IT! Whatever you want to achieve, ACHIEVE IT! There are so many things that you will regret, alone, by the end of the year. Do not allow 2018 to be in vain, especially, when God allowed you to make it this far. Go forth into 2018 with a prayer, a plan and a whole lot of black girl magic.